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I've decided to delete my LJ account....
I want to start 2008 on a positive note, and going through alot of my entries, I spend far too much time bitching.
Besides, I have a hardcopy journal to write in - who needs the internet, anyways.

Love you all :)
Hugs and Kisses

Mar. 23rd, 2007

Today was interesting.
1st -posed for pictures for kids in the photography class (ie. mel, kinsey, and baillie) and helped baillie with her pinhole camera.
2nd - finished homework due for next friday; watched hamlet.
skipped 3rd and 4th (I guess they watched hamlet in world issues). went to justins, went to food basics, ate, went to pix plus then back to justins. met nathan at the school, went to sobeys and shoppers. got hair dye (I'm going red, again). got to the church and hung around and learned how to play basic drums,
set up and stuff for the show. Me and Erica played hide and seek and secret agent...it was us against justin, nathan, and megan...and they didn't know they were playing.
left with nathan and erica - got her charger, came home and changed and dropped my stuff off, went back to the church
Shoot for the stars was awesome. The bass player was funny to watch.
silver lyning was really good.
Those two bands should have headlined, but justin really didn't know what he was doing.
Non-fiction was just terrible. they were so PREACHY.
This chick that mel was hanging out with all night threw a dog biscuit in my eye (don't ask). I was FURIOUS. Then she proceeded to laugh at it. Like, it was funny...but my eye was open and it was literally IN my eye. Like, and it was point blank range, bouncing off the brown on my eye. I kept blinking to try and see again. Fucking grade 10s. Went to the bathroom to remove biscuit carcas and started BAWLING. it wasn't even getting something in my eye (even though I'm sensitive about my eyes), I haven't had a really good cry in awhile and it just wouldn't stop! I was laughing and crying.
Talked to this girl Jenn who was one of the speakers, about religion. She cut the conversation short though - I think I was making her angry.
Every question I asked, she repeated herself and used these RIDICULOUS analogies. I was like...dub. tee. eff.
Erica was going to sleep over (as like, a hang out between just me and her), but I had a headache and was literally shaking from being so upset (for, and I'm not lying, no reason) and angry (again, for no reason). Nathan dropped me off.
I feel SO bad because she (erica) is going in for brain surgery on sunday and I didn't give her a hug or anything (eventhough I've been giving her a hug for like...a day and a half, non stop, because I'm seriously scared for her. I guess they fucked up last time and thats how she ended up dying for a few minutes), but I left her a message.
We were talking about the operation on the phone last night and I started to cry. Then I had a dream that amber called to tell me she had died, and I was so like....disbelieving....that I decided it would be a good idea to get a tattoo to commemorate her (like, I guess to take the pain of losing a best friend and put it to tattoo) on my wrist. So I told her that this morning and we decided on a tattoo I would get in her memory if she died.
She wants the parade leader guy from the black parade and 'character is destiny' for text [perhaps I'm the only one that recognizes some sort of irony...]. Then I'd get her name and dates and stuff.
I'm so morbid in my dreams - I seriously think of everyone else's death, but never of mine.
I dunno.
All I know is my bestfriend is going in to brainsurgery, and I may never see her again and I'm terrified (and I've only been her friend, seriously, since the beginning of February).


moving on, because I have to stop thinking about it or I will bawl again.
Toronto tomorrow. :)
Danni's party tomorrow night. 7 to...something. 11 probably.
Dunno when I'm going to dye my hair.
Sunday I'm going to be sick with worry and trying to do homework.
Monday...I dunno I'm not that far yet.

Good night everyone. =)


I totally haven't updated in a long time. 
Wednesday, watched the All Stars game; my team (well, the eastern conference) lost because Brodeur sucked. That was harsh of me. I was definately not pleased, and still am not - I don't think I've even looked at the scores yet. All I know is that as soon as the West scored goal 10 I stopped watching (I think I ended at 10 - 7 or 8). I watched Sherrybaby on Wednesday night too, with Maggie Gyllenhaal. That movie is amazing.
Thursday I rushed to get my halfassed portfolio into Mr Soyka, skipped Vocal music (not TECHNICALLY skipping, just decided not to go to do review of grade 9 music theory for 30 minutes) and came home to finish up. Went BACK to school and dropped off portfolio, then came home and studied for photography.
Friday, wrote photography exam, came home and watched American Beauty which I definately think is my new favorite movie (it had me at Elliot Smith <3 covering my favorite Beatles song (Because); I was totally sold after 

Then Sarah came home and I went downstairs and we smoked the CRAPPIEST weed ever. But it was free -and I guess my mom was excited about it because it was from Nova Scotia or something. It was bad. Then I went on the computer for awhile and then went to bed.
Saturday did nothing all morning, got dressed at around 5:30 and went out with Amanda. Made a quick stop to Tim Hortans then walked to the park and she rolled acouple joints and we talked and looked at the lake and smoked. Then we had to leave because it looked like the water was getting closer to us (looking back, we were definately, like, 30 feet above the water. whatever), so we went for a walk (down your old street, Alisha) then went back to Tim Hortans and bought cheesecake and hot chocolate and chilled out there for awhile. Came home after a while (we were in there for at least 40 minutes. probably longer) and went on the computer. Warren bought guitar hero >=(

There are so many movies I want to see this year. 
Death of a President is going to be released in February or March, I'm pretty excited about that.
Marie Antoinette is being released in February, I wouldn't mind seeing that again.
The Us vs John Lennon, I'm buying.
This Revolution (I think thats what it's called) looks REALLY good.
Chapter 27, obviously. 
The Last King of Scotland, looks BRILLIANT.

Those are all I can think of.

Had a totally weird dream last night that I'm going to look up, but:

So, thats about all. I have a photography portfolio to do and hand in tomorrow, my writers craft exam to do (soooo fucking easy), and some review for Media. 
After I make hot chocolate and slack off for another....hour and a half :) 

dads home.
volume on my stereo goes up :]


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